Roman Hauksson

Computer Science student, University of Texas at Dallas

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I'm a leader.

ACM Research


ACM Research is a project-based initiative to give undergraduate students Computer Science research experience. Each semester, four to six teams design and execute a research project and present their results at the Symposium Night. You can find past project repositories on our GitHub page.

Lead: "Automating Targeted Password Guessing"

I led four participants through a research project about automatically predicting users' passwords based on information like their username and profile bio. In short, we fine-tuned a GPT-3 model on credentials from the Wattpad security breach. This was the winning project out of six during the presentation/poster contest.

Participant: "Analysis of Language Trends with a Mobile Keyboard Next-Word Prediction Model"

Three other researchers and I created text prediction models by training convolutional neural networks on Tweets from different subgroups on Twitter, like crypto bros and K-pop stans. This was also the winning project out of six during the presentation/poster contest.

OpenUTD officer

OpenUTD is a student organization devoted to the teaching and advocacy of Linux and other free and open-source software. We host tech talks and coding nights.

UTD Computer Security Group officer

CSG is a student organization for cybersecurity enthusiasts. We host tech talks and educational workshops, and attend monthly meetups at the Dallas Hacker's Association.

I'm a hacker.

HOPE 2022 Talk: "We'll Pwn You with your Wattpad Profile"

At Hackers On Planet Earth 2022, I'll go beyond traditional password security education by showing the audience how and why exactly hackers might crack their password. I'll also showcase my team's project from ACM Research about automating targeted password guessing with GPT-3.

1st place in TexSAW 2022 CTF competition

At TexSAW 2022, I learned hands-on skills in web security, reverse engineering, and system security before putting them to the test by winning the conference's Capture The Flag hacking competition with my partner Jay Challangi.

Completed CodePath Cybersecurity course

I finished CodePath's 10-week course covering the fundamentals of cybersecurity, common application vulnerabilities and attacks, and hands-on practice to explore both offensive and defensive strategies in information security.

I'm a developer.

X-Force software engineering fellowship

I'm working as a full-stack contractor for the Joint Special Operations Command. Primarily using React, Node.js, and Python.

Winner of Nebula API Challenge at HackUTD VIII

During a hackathon, I helped write the Flutter front-end for an app to help international students get accquainted at UT Dallas.

But most importantly, I could be your intern ;).

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